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In Java’s rural areas, patriarchal traditions which maintain male superiority over women are still largely preserved. Women are percieved as just konco wingking, it is taboo for women to appear ini public spaces since it is regarded will penetrate men’s role. There is no ‘the duty of men is the right of women and the duty of women is the duty of men’. This mindset is not only preserved in the division of labor which tends to subordinate women, but also in a variety of the development of gender-bias ideologies. The Dharma Wanita story which tells women’s primary duty as companion for husband is only a refinement of that limit. All public actions which demand permission and approval of the husband are the pictures of such preserved hegemonic relationship. Nevertheless, when the ‘equality awareness’ is granted, women often have the ability to organize themselves better than men. That is happened when Posyandu Board in Segoroyoso help bandling Yogyakarta earthquake case in May.

Diterbitkan di jurnal Istiqra, tahun 2011

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